Broken but Buoyant

Broken but Buoyant

Judy Honey


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After the tragic suicide of our youngest child, David, at the age of thirty-four, I was navigating in a strange new world. I have always written and for years kept a journal. About a year after his death, I began to write a poem each morning. I imposed my own guidelines: write about whatever pops into my mind; it must fit onto one page of my journal; and no editing. I have used the title of the book to classify the poems into categories, as the boat becomes buoyant again after being broken.

I have learned a lot about grief--most importantly that a person does not move on, leaving the grief behind, but rather learns to move forward with the grief ever present. Cherishing the love lost is most important, but I am learning that there can be times of being buoyant and accomplishment is still possible. Memories have helped me.

I'm sure you have memories that will come to mind as you read the simple things I remember and cherish. Some people might say my life is limited, but there is life to live, whatever the circumstances. The section on everyday occurrences is one of my favorites.

Today, I continue to write. And some days, the grief still overcomes my thoughts and my writing. Leaning into the grief, acknowledging it as a real part of my life, may be difficult at the time, but honesty is important to grow and develop. I hope you read and relax as you enjoy the poems. And that maybe, just maybe, they can help shed some light on your own journey.